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  Faceted Nugget Lemon Quartz and Caribbean Blue Opal Beaded Necklace with Blue Pietersite Teardrop Pendant Faceted Rondelle Blue Topaz Beaded Necklace with Karen Hill Tribe Silver Good Vibes Square Pendant White Rice Pearl and Faceted Citrine Beaded Necklace White Moonstone Chip Beaded Necklace with Karen Hill Tribe Silver Crater Moon Pendant and Silver Crater Moon Accents Handcrafted Beaded Jewelry

About the Jewelry Artist

Hello, my name is Dina. As the proud owner and designer, of Hooks & Toggles, I have been creating and designing one-of-a-kind, unique gemstone beaded jewelry since the Spring of 2004. Although that does not seem like such a long time ago, I have been a gem-lover since childhood. I have always been fascinated by the different gemstones that the earth, the sea, and even the skies have offered to humanity.

In the Winter of 2003, a very good friend wisely, and unexpectedly, sent me a gift. A spool of beading wire, pliers, and a whole bunch of simple seed beads. One other thing was included in this small beginner's kit - a small packet of silver-tone spring-ring clasps. It was in using these clasps to make necklaces that sprung a realization in my head, there had to be an easier way to put on jewelry.

At first, I tried other clasps such as screw caps, larger spring-rings, and lobster-claws, but none seemed to be as simple and secure as using a hook or a toggle clasp. Thus the idea was born of only using hooks or toggles as finishing pieces.

In the beginning, creating jewelry was just a hobby for me. I would make them for myself or family and friends. I found myself making weekend trips to my local bead shops in hopes of finding a new treasure. I also began searching on the web for the best deals using Ebay and Google as my primary resources for finding new and unusual gemstones, silver pieces, and, above all else, unique and diverse hook and toggle clasps.

To my surprise, I soon found fans of my work among family, friends, and others who wished to purchase my works. So on December 1, 2004, Hooks&Toggles was born as a company.

I would like to welcome you to my shop in hopes that you will find that one unique piece of gemstone beaded jewelry that fits your personality.

I plan on expanding my jewelry making skills into other areas such as silver smithing, chainmaille, and Viking Knitting so keep watching for new and exciting additions in my What's New section.

I am a proud member of the International Jewelry Designers Guild [IJDG] and the Society of International Jewelry Artisans [SIJA]. I have recently participated in the "Orange" challenge sponsored by the IJDG and hosted by Sandra Miller, a fellow "Joolie". I hope to participate in many more challenges and juried shows as my skills in jewelry making grow. So please come take a look at my Challenge pieces.


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