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Gold (Au) is one of the most precious metals on Earth. It is highly prized in all aspects of industry. The most beautiful use for gold is jewelry. Artisan jewelry makers have used gold on its own to make beads, wire-work, and chain to magnificent pieces of jewelry for millennia. From the ancient times of Egypt and the Middle East to the Renaissance and modern times, have also used gold to enhance gemstones. Gold is not only prized for its beauty and malleability (ability to be shaped), but for its rarity among metals. It is also very expensive. The price of gold rises almost daily.

As a personal preference, I rarely ever use gold, specifically 14k yellow gold because I do not like its look and feel. I much prefer sterling or fine silver when I make my jewelry pieces. However, I do like the look and feel of higher content gold such as 18kt, 22kt, and 24 kt yellow gold and rose, white, and green gold. Unfortunately, due to the rising costs, pieces using such pieces are few and far between. It is just too expensive at this time for me to use in my jewelry and keep them affordable for my customers.

However, I have begun to use vermeil beads, chain, and wire in my work to bring the look of gold without the cost. One of gold's many qualities is its ability to carry an electrical current, which allows it to be electrically bonded to most metals quite strongly. Vermeil is sterling silver or fine silver overlayed with gold, usually using high quality like 18k, 22k, or 24k gold.

Commissioned pieces can be made upon special request using genuine 18k and/or 22k gold beads, findings, wire, or chain.


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